Why Buy a Business?

  • Why Buy a Utah Business Opportunity?
  • Why Buy an Existing Utah Business Opportunity?
  • Why Use Alpine?
  • Why People Sell Their Business?

Why Buy A Utah Business Opportunity?

Self Employment Opportunity — Job Security

Many people decide to buy a business because they are tired of working for someone else. Buying your own business is like buying yourself a job—one that you control.

Financial Independence

Studies show that most people don’t live beyond their next paycheck and that the greatest asset they have is their home. The pressures of daily life make “getting ahead” a difficult challenge. Owning your own small business allows you to build value for the future and, hopefully, to become financially independent through the growing value of your business and the cash flows that come from your successes. Working for someone else means someone else gets the rewards. Owning your own business allows you to benefit from your hard work and efforts.

Pursue the “American Dream”

At one time or another, most of us dream of owning our own business and living the great American Dream. Perhaps now is the time for you to live that dream.

Why Buy an Existing Small Business Opportunity?

Eighty percent of all new small businesses fail, according to government statistics. The most common reasons for that failure are under-capitalization, poor location, poor or no management skills, or low production quality. Buying an established small business helps overcome many of these problems, as someone else has taken the risk and burden of getting the business going. A viable ongoing business ensures a proven location and the right product and demonstrates at least basic management capabilities. An existing business also gives you immediate cash flow and customers. Why take the high risk and cost of a startup when you can buy a proven small business opportunity?

Why Use Alpine to Buy a Utah Business Opportunity?

Acquisition Search

Alpine Business Brokers has access to a large database of existing Utah business opportunities for sale. One of these might be right for you. In addition, we can search a specific industry or type of small business opportunity to find a business that meets your criteria. We also help in market evaluations and comparisons so you can determine the price of your target acquisition.

As an intermediary, we can assist you in formulating and negotiating a fair deal for everyone involved—without getting emotions or prejudices involved. Should your Offer involve bank and/or SBA loans, Alpine also assists in writing your business plan, building your projections, preparing and submitting your small business loan application. At Alpine we know which banks and loan officers actual make loans and which types of loans and applications they favor.

Funding a Small Business in Utah– Financing Assistance

Alpine Business Brokers can help you locate financing for your purchase of a business. We provide assistance with everything from small business loans to factoring of receivables. We also have industry contacts and affiliated companies that can assist you.

Why Do People Sell Their Businesses?

People sell their business for a variety of reasons. Some are . . .

  • Under-capitalization
  • Divorce or a dispute with partners
  • Death or illness
  • Relocation
  • Burnout
  • Upgrading to a bigger business
  • Poor management
  • Retirement

Understanding why a person is selling his or her business can help you structure a deal that works for you and the seller.

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