How to Buy a Business

How to buy a business? If your like most buyers who contact Alpine looking for small business opportunities, this will be your first time to buy a small business. Alpine Business Brokers’ step by step process will guide you through process of selecting the right small business opportunity, conducting adequate due diligence, funding a small business, buying a small business, and getting off to a good start. Each step is important in closing a successful transaction that is mutual beneficial to the buyer and seller. Alpine’s professionals will educate and assist you as you move through the process of selecting a small business opportunity that is right for you.

Why Buy a Business?
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  • Why buy a business?
  • Why buy an existing Utah business opportunity?
  • Why do people sell their small businesses?
  • Why use a broker to buy a small business?

Key Considerations
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  • How do I find the right small business opportunity?
  • How big of a small business opportunity can I buy?
  • How do I finance a small business?
  • What’s the right price to pay when I buy a business?

Steps to Buying a Utah Business for Sale
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  • How do go about buying a Utah business for sale?
  • How do I find small business opportunities in Utah that are for sale?
  • How do I see the business in operation before I decide whether to buy?
  • How do I structure a deal, make an offer, and close the transaction?

Funding a Small Business
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Visit the SBA Small Business Resource Site.

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