2009 Westwoods Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Patch - Highland Utah
Stats, Log, and Charts As of: 10/24/13

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Note:pumpkin plots each cover an area about 20' wide by 25' deep or 500-600 square feet each.
Giant Pumpkin Plant 1
635.5 Tolman 06
1106 Swartz x Handy 1247

Soil Temp History 2  Soil Moisture History 2


4/25 - soaked seed overnight, then placed in paper towel in plastic bag on top of fridge.

5/1 - Given last years failure, I discussed disease profile with Steve Reagans, who referred me to several chemical reps. Ultimatly settled on Basamide to kill Fusarium Oxysporum among other things. Added 15lbls to the pumpkin patch, and tilled it in deep. The soil was very moist. The chemical reacts with water and gives off a gas. The gas kills all germinating plant seeds, plants, bugs AND virtually all the pumpkin soil born diseases, including Fusarium Oxysporum. It rained for 2 days and put down over 1 inch of rain. I then covered the patch in plastic. Perfect for the chemical to do it's job.

5/2 - planted sprouted seed directly in regular garden (not pumpkin patch).

5/11 - Pulled the plastic off the patch and began to let it air out.

5/16 - In the morning I tilled in sulfur and nitrogen, and to turn over the soil and let the gas release completely. Planting in the soil while the gas is still active will only kill the pumpkins.

5/16 - In the afternoon I moved the plant from regular garden to pumpkin patch, taking the original soil with it. Plant has first true leaf. Installed the soil and moisture probes (chart above).

6/27 - tilled around plant, earlier in the week, the main stem, which was growing the wrong direction, snapped. I cut it back to the base and the first secondary will become the main stem as it is growing in the right direction. June was wet and colder than ussual. We received over twice the amount of rain we ussually receive in June.

7/6 - first blossom pollinated, but it aborted..

7/14 - second blossom pollinated crossed with Blainr 1104.

7/21 - bugs, sprayed with Isotox II

7/28 - measures 31" around, plant still looks strong, growing well, cross my fingers that it doesn't get hit with Fusarium. Repeated spraying.

8/4 - measures 36 x36 x55 OTT or 127 inches - estimated 52lbs, the backup on a side vine is also the same size. I'm afraid to cut the backup loose, hoping that if this plant gets hit, the backup, closer to the stem and in the older leaves, will survive. If the main pumpkin keeps growing the next 2 weeks, then I'll cull this one off.

Giant Pumpkin Plant 2
953 Larue 06
1253 Perry 04 x 1139 Sherwood 04

Soil Temp History 3  Soil Moisture History 3

  4/25-5/16 - same treatment as Plant #1

6/27 - tilled around plant, main stem aprox 4' long.

7/16 - first pollination.

7/21 - sprayed with Isotox II - bronze egg clusters on underside of leaf, small green bodied, black legged spider mite looking insects.

7/28 - signs of Fusarium, new growth stunted, pumpkin rotting, season over for this one. Even with the basamide treatments. Repeated spraying.


Giant Pumpkin Plant 3
1104 Blair 06
Self x Self

Soil Temp History 4  Soil Moisture History 4


4/25 - Soaked seed overnight, then placed in paper towel in plastic bag on top of fridge.

5/2 - Planted sprouted seed directly in regular garden (not pumpkin patch).

5/16 - Plant has first true leaf. This year I did not do mini greenhouses, heat cable or anything special. The weather is not predicted to drop below freezing and I am just going to let them toughen up, knowing they will be behind, but hopefully bigger than prior years.

6/27 - Main stem about 4' long.

7/11 - Deer ate main stem tip, rerouting side vine as new main.

7/13 - first pollination x 953 Larue 06.

7/21 - Same bugs as previous sprayed as well.

7/27 - pumpkin 24 inches around. Plant looks beat up, but still growing.

7/28 - Repeated spraying.

8/4 - 29 x 29 x 43 OTT = 101 inches or aprox. 29lbs.

Soil Moisture range 0-200, 0-10=saturated, 10-20= Adequate, 30-60=Time to irrigate normal crops, 60-200 dry. Probes: Pumpkin probes are 6-9 inches deep.

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