Highland Utah Current Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Stats As of: 08/24/08

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Pumpkin 2 Growth -
Pollinated 7/3
-This plant is a dud - No stats will be kept.

Patch from the South July 18th.

Plant 2 - Pumpkin 15 days old - 41"

Plant 3 - Pumpkin 12 days old - 25"

Patch July 30,
close plant healthy massive, middle plant dying
Far plant way way behind, but now growing

Plant 2 - Pumpkin 25 days old - 41" - dead
Sample holes - sent to lab for pathology tests

Plant 2 - Notice, growth is stunted, old leaves big tall
new growth is compressed, shriveled - plant stopped
taking up nutrients - Soil moisture shows no uptake.

Plant 3 - Pumpkin 20 days old - 55"
This is my new champion - first samples sent to lab


12 Days 30" x 22" x 22" = 74
15 Days 41"x 31" x 30" = 102 (30lbs)
20 Days 43"x31"x31" hmmm problems right here in river city.
25 Days 41" - moldy, mushy, probed for samples for lab work, sent tissue and soil also 7/30. We will see what the lab says. Is it soil born? Isotox treatment? Chemical imbalance? Bad luck?
30 Days Now main leaves are beginning to brown, lab asked for root samples. They think its like fuserium, blocks the vascular system so nutrients don't transport.
Post Mortem The results came back as phthium ultimum and fusarium oxysporum at high levels. Phthium is said to be cause by over watering, and having standing water. I haven't figured that out yet, as I use the moisture probs to decide when to water. The other is not prevented by Root Shield which works against other types of Fusarium, but not this one. I see a regiment of Ban Rot and system fungicides for next year.
Pumpkin 3 Growth -
Pollinated 7/6
12 Days 25"
15 Days 39"
20 Days 55" - my new hero
25 Days 59"
30 Days 58" - My season is over - this one is going soft underneath, some vines have began to shorten up, the new leaf stems are short and the distance between vines is shortening. Sigh... More tissue to send to the lab. Maybe the one plant that didn't take off early, will set something, just to put on the front lawn at Halloween.
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